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Posted by on Apr 16, 2016 in Uncategorized |

Motley`s Law evaluation level-headed United States legal representative takes on Afghan courts

Shot over some time starting in 2013, this strong, impeccably assembled however emotionally cool film focuses on Kimberley Motley, a previous United States model from a tough working-class and mixed-race background who for a time was the only foreigner permitted to practice law in the courts of Afghanistan.


Unabashedly admitting that she concerned the war-ravaged country for the money and that she hardly understood where it was before she showed up, Motley browses Afghan justice`s rough mix of secular and Sharia law as well as its byzantine administration, to represent clients, both foreign and regional, charged of all sorts of criminal offenses, from adultery to drug-smuggling. Who knows precisely why the film`s UK distributor selected this specific week to release it, but there s a serendipitous resonance to be presented in the way Kimberley, chatting with her Afghan translator Khalil, jokingly compares herself to Wonder Woman and him to Spider-Man, forming a two-person Justice League. If you want to find out more about this topic don’t hesitate to contact public relations for law firms.

There`s something genuinely super heroic about Motley s level-headed commitment to the law, even when it`s clear it`s being bent out of all percentage all over she looks. Without making any type of big deal out of it, director Nicole N Horanyi underscores the irony that while Kimberley is in Kabul, her partner Claudaire gets shot back in Wisconsin, while on his way to a high-school reunion.